Physical Medicine Acupuncture in NYC

An alternative and complementary “non-therapy”, offering not only new dimensions in mere relief, but a process of self-discovery, self correction, and self healing.  Physical Medicine Acupuncture (PMA), is a system of body-mind integration developed by master orthopedic acupuncturist, pain management specialist, and soft tissue expert Dr. Philip Trigiani, designed to provide comfort, enhance body function and raise awareness, and it works every single time!

The fundamental of this clinic is to see how little we can do, in how few places, and how quickly it can be done. This is to accomplish the greatest amount of change in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of cost.

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Although these techniques are exquisitely powerful, time honored, efficient, and safe as applied through a seasoned, confident, expert health care provider, we at PMA believe they would yield little effect without an active participation on our members part. We believe fervently that willingness, honesty, and open mindedness are the ESSENTIALS of wellness, and are indispensable.

Over 4,500 years old…it’s still going strong!

NYC Acupuncture and T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese medicine), our most ancient inspirational complimentary medicine on the planet has spawned virtually all existing alternative health care practices to date. Besides the use of needles and herbs which are ideal for increasing nerve and brain function, there are a host of modalities that fall under the umbrella of “Acupuncture.”

  • Tuina; or “push pull” technique later to become the precursor to chiropractic.
  • Bone setting; a gentle repositioning of fractured, broken, and dislocated bone/tissue for increased healing time.
  • Amma/Shiatsu; pressure points along bone, joints, tendon, and muscle often used in place of needles.
  • SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique) / Cranial Sacral Work; using bony landmarks as levers and contact points in the structure to encourage powerful response in the central nervous system.


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