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Acupuncture and Health Insurance A common concern for patients considering acupuncture or any other form of therapy is their ability to pay. One of the first questions they ask is if their insurance will cover treatment. There is no singular way to answer this question, and the response will depend upon each individual patient’s insurance […]

Acupuncture Treatment Facts Is Acupuncture “Real” Treatment? Despite its use in the treatment of various pain-related conditions and other ailments for thousands of years, acupuncture has had to repeatedly defend itself to certain skeptics. There continues to be ongoing conversation in many clinical circles regarding the legitimacy acupuncture. This skepticism has directly contributed to both […]

Child Acupuncture Is Acupuncture Appropriate for Children? Are you searching for a NYC Pediatric Acupuncture Treatment specialist? We all want the best for our children. When we see them in pain and we’re unable to do anything about it, it’s one of the worst feelings imaginable. We owe it to our sons and daughters, and […]

Best NYC Acupuncturist Don’t Fear the Needle, our NYC Acupuncturists will make your experince a great one. Those with a limited understanding of the context and clinical application of acupuncture often associate the treatment with only one word: needles. Many let their fear of needles preclude them from taking advantage of this amazing and dynamic […]

Acupuncture Treatment For Aging We all want to live longer and do as much as we can while we’re alive. Unfortunately the aging process often has other ideas in mind. As we get older and our bodies start to break down, we often find ourselves less able to maintain an active lifestyle and do the […]

Acupuncture for Kidneys Using acupuncture for kidneys is a very effective way to improve your overall kidney health. While modern Western medicines have largely ignored acupuncture for several generations now, many people are finally starting to see just how effective it can be, even when treating very serious medical conditions. If you have any type […]