For many, 2014 is going to be the time that they’re not only going to make a resolution to lead a healthier life – but actually follow through and DO IT. That being said, many of the failures come from making a mountain out of a wellness molehill. People don’t realize that with only a few minor lifestyle changes and additions – that they can dramatically change their overall health.

While it’s true that big things will have to be added at some point – it’s important to walk before you can run and by implementing these five, basic pieces into your day to day life, you can take a significant step forward towards improving your health with little to no effort.

Establish realistic goals

Start off with one, large goal and then break it out into smaller goals. For example – let’s say your goal is to lose 50 lbs. by June. A smaller goal would be to lose a pound a week. It’s realistic and healthy because it fits within your larger goal, gives you some accountability but also doesn’t set you up for failure.

Set reasonable exercise time aside

This one can seem difficult, but with a little planning and discipline, you’d be surprised to see how many different ways you can make sure you’re doing something good for your body every day without actually ADDING anything of significance into your daily routine. Things like including walking time in during your lunch break or taking the long way to the copier can add exercise minutes to your schedule without getting in the way of your day-to-day tasks. You’ll be shocked at how quickly the minutes and hours can rack up by sprinkling in a little more movement to things you’re already doing!

Get yourself a wellness partner

There’s nothing better with any new thing in your life than to have someone to share the experience with. Yes, it’ll keep you accountable, but more importantly – it’s someone who will support you, share in your struggles and help motivate you. And most important of all – it makes taking care of yourself not so boring! It’s someone to talk to, spend time with and learn from; something that no matter how fit we are – is extremely necessary for our overall sense of wellbeing.

Get more sleep

You may be thinking ‘yeah right’ but we’re serious in that if you want to know the one, single most important thing you can do for your health – it’s getting more sleep. Sleep time is the body’s time to restore our natural functions and prepare us for the coming day. The residual effect is enormous as you’ll find yourself having an easier time focusing, and easier time listening and performing basic daily functions. And while we often take for granted the basic, menial things we do every day – it’s those things that often contribute the most to our stress levels. Be sure to get more rest!

All of the water. Drink all of it.

OK don’t drink all of it – but certainly drink MORE of it. Our bodies are roughly 60% water. Drinking 8 fluid oz.’s per day is the usual prescription. It helps you cleanse your body better and supports all of your basic muscle and organ functions. Like sleep – it’s something you probably already do that by adding in just a little more to your day-to-day activities can make an exceptional difference. You can get it from a tap, fountain or just about anywhere. It’s easy to replenish, cheap and most importantly – it’s good for you! Drink more water!