Types of Acupuncture

Have you been searching online for the Different Kinds of Acupuncture, and what the benefits of acupuncture are?

When considering acupuncture, or even discussing its clinical use, it helps to know that there are many different forms of this technique being practiced around the world. Many have a unilateral idea of what acupuncture treatment looks like. They conjure images of a patient laid out on a medical table with a seemingly endless amount of needles sticking out of them. The truth is, however, that there are numerous variations of acupuncture that may actually prove effective in treating your current condition.

Different Kinds of Acupuncture

Although there are several different styles of acupuncture treatment, some of the more commonly practiced forms tend to include:

Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture – The most common form of acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) involves, among other modalities, the targeted placement of thin needles to affected areas, also known as acupuncture points. TCM is meant to leverage the body’s natural healing abilities to achieve balance and harmony.

Japanese Acupuncture – Also known as classical acupuncture, Japanese-style acupuncture involves thinner and fewer needles for more subtle stimulation.

French Energetics Acupuncture – Also known as medical acupuncture, the principles of French energetics are commonly utilized by medical doctors who integrate acupuncture into their treatment offerings.

To find our what type of acupuncture is right for you, talk to an experienced and qualified practitioner. You can also read Benefits Of Acupuncture to see what other patients have found Acupuncture to do to treating their symptoms & aliments.

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