Does Acupuncture Help Weight Loss

Many people have asked,  Does Acupuncture Help Weight Loss? You know the benefits of acupuncture for many things which ails you. But did you know it can also help aid weight loss? In a recent article by researchers for The Dr. Oz show, it was illustrated how weight loss could be aided or more effective by this ancient art.

Does Acupuncture Help Weight Loss

According to the article, acupuncture works for weight loss because of the fact that weight loss or the ability to lose weight effectively through a regimen or diet is due to a complex system tied to the hypothalamus. It is believed that weight GAIN is a result of disturbed pathways from the “regulating center” of the brain to the body systems. Therefore, the use of acupuncture can help balance these systems and improve the flow of communication between the hypothalamus gland and the major body systems.

To further explain the process, consider the fact that the hypothalamus is responsible for balance which allows the body to run well. This includes such delicate chemical processes such as metabolism and the regulation of such processes as body temperature, circadiam rhythm, and hunger and thirst. So, if the hypothalamus is so important to our body balance, imagine how it affects wight gain and loss.


According to Shape magazine, some people have had great success using this technique to obtain and maintain a healthy weight loss, as you can read in this example. And, while it may be produce the same results for everyone, it is certainly worth a try when weight loss is of great significance to you and other methods have not proven successful.


So, Does Acupuncture Help Weight Loss? In one study on the topic, Professor Sabina Lim (from the Medical Research Institute at Kyung Hee University), located in Seoul, South Korea found the a 6% reduction in the BMI (body mass index) could be achieved by a type of acupuncture which uses the ear points.

There are other similar findings which show a correlation between the use of a particular type of ear point acupuncture and weight loss, in cases of where it was used regularly and at certain intervals. It apparently worked due to the increased flow of energy between the hypothalamus and the body systems and metabolic processes and also showed evidence that it influenced an obesity hormone which is often responsible for weight gain.

While this method is still new to the chiropractic world in general, your NYC chiropractor can help. Just ask him if he uses this technique and if he feels it would be beneficial for your weight loss goals. Also, read our blog about the many other benefits this technique can bring you. If you were searching for answers to Does Acupuncture Help Weight Loss, we hope this article shed some light on the subject?


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art, but this amazing technique is usually available at your local chiropractic center. Unfortunately though, not all chiropractors believe in the use of this technique. Your NYC chiropractor, Dr. Philip Trigiani does believe in the power of this technique and offers a wide variety of chiropractic services which will help you with your weight loss or other health concerns. Contact Dr. Phil Trigiani and see how he can help you with any of your health issues using this remarkable modern technique which the ancients used centuries ago, and which we in the western world are only starting to discover.