nyc acupunctureAcupuncture can help you lead a happier, healthier life style and do so in ways you probably never imagined. By becoming more aware of its principles and incorporating its wellness properties into your life, you can enjoy benefits that have long eluded you in the past. Here are four ways acupuncture can make you feel healthier:

A stronger immune system

Here’s one that’s especially relevant given our being in the middle of sick season. Acupuncture can strengthen your natural resistance to sickness and disease. Instead of simply improving your circulation, placebo and endorphins, it helps you build up a strong reserve so that your body is better equipped to fight off pathogens that cause you to get sick in the first place. Long story, short – acupuncture helps you avoid getting sick rather than simply treating you when you do.

 Better sleep

Insomnia is a stubborn thing. In face, it’s one of the most commonly encountered health issues among acupuncturists. Because of acupuncture’s individualized nature, it can help you find a solution to your sleep problems that your run-of-the-mill, one size fits all medications don’t.

More Energy

Everyone likes to get that little extra jolt of energy. Sadly, we turn to things like Five hour Energy Drinks, coffee and other artificial enhancers to get it. Acupuncture is specifically designed to help you achieve better rest and as a result – gain more energy. Kiss those post-lunch hangovers good-bye. With acupuncture, you’ll naturally have that second wind you’ve been looking for.

Look younger

Yes, Acupuncture can make you look younger. How? Because it strengthens your five essential organ systems like the lung, heart, kidney, spleen and liver. That way, not only are you systemically healthier, but those five systems contribute to your overall aging. Check out this article on exactly how these systems affect aging and how acupuncture can make you look AND feel younger again!