Acupuncture Addiction Treatment

Are you dealing with an Addiction? Acupuncture in Addiction Treatment can help relieve the stress & urges associated with the battle to beat the addictions that have control over you. Acupuncture addiction treatment can make the difference of overcoming your addiction.

The addiction withdrawal process takes an enormous physical toll on the brain and body. Patients are left having to seek alternate means of treating this pain without the continued use of drugs and alcohol. One of the most commonly utilized holistic therapies in professional inpatient and outpatient addiction care is acupuncture. This process, along other modalities like yoga, tai chi and massage, can help alleviate some of the moderate to severe pain and nausea that so often accompany the substance abuse withdrawal period. Patients’ eligibility for acupuncture, or any other type of supplemental therapy, should be determined by their treatment professional.

Acupuncture has proven effective in both residential treatment and outpatient care. It is not meant to replace other aspects of treatment, like rehab or detox, but rather to serve as a supplement to a comprehensive addiction care program. Hundreds of New Yorkers are in addiction recovery and struggle with lingering withdrawal symptoms every day. Safe and effective acupuncture in NYC can be a game-changing resource in long-term withdrawal management. It can help recovering addicts take the daily edge off the often-debilitating pain that consumes their lives and prevents them from doing the things they love and feel their best.

Acupuncture in Addiction Treatment

If you’re looking for help with your addiction, or want to discuss how Acupuncture in Addiction Treatment here in NYC can help you finally overcome this disease we are ready to help.

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