Acupuncture and Health Insurance

A common concern for patients considering acupuncture or any other form of therapy is their ability to pay. One of the first questions they ask is if their insurance will cover treatment. There is no singular way to answer this question, and the response will depend upon each individual patient’s insurance situation. It is recommended that patients speak with their current or prospective practitioner or their insurance company to determine their eligibility. They can get a quick and definitive answer regarding whether or not they can be covered. The reality is that acupuncture is considered “alternative medicine” under many insurance policies and each provider will have their own rules regarding coverage.

Some health insurance plans cover acupuncture while other plans require patients to purchase a rider for coverage. Many insurance companies will assess the reason for acupuncture and determine coverage. Some of the more common conditions for which acupuncture is covered under insurance include chronic pain and headache, nausea-related pregnancy, osteoarthritis of the knee, post-operative and chemotherapy-related nausea and select other conditions. For other conditions, they may consider acupuncture an experimental therapy and deny coverage.

Acupuncture Treatment in NYC

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