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Multiple Sclerosis is a complex disease that is difficult to treat because it manifests differently in each patient and affects many bodily systems at once. Although Western medicine is efficient at diagnosing MS utilizing modern diagnostic imaging, it is not always so effective at providing patients with the relief they so desperately seek. Oftentimes, frustrated MS patients make repeated doctor’s visits and try medication after medication to no avail. Many of these patients find that they can achieve great relief from their life-inhibiting symptoms with the help of acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Why Acupuncture Works Well for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Multiple Sclerosis, as the name implies, affects multiple parts of an individual’s body at once. It is primarily a neurological condition that causes lesions to develop on a patient’s brain and spinal cord. Since the brain controls all aspects of the body’s functioning, MS can produce virtually any symptom imaginable depending on the area of the brain where the lesions are found in each individual. This is why Western medicine is often ineffective at addressing MS symptoms. Western medicine, although it does a lot of good, tends to focus on one-size-fits-all treatment models. However, MS sufferers are not one-size-fits-all kinds of patients! Rather, each patient has his or her own unique set of symptoms and concerns to address. This is where acupuncture comes in.

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that views each patient as a unique individual. No two MS patients receive the exact same acupuncture treatment. A trained acupuncturist is able to perform tongue and pulse diagnosis to pinpoint those areas where a patient exhibits energy blockages. The acupuncturist then needles the appropriate points to correct those problem areas, providing the patient with relief. Over time, patients find that they experience their MS symptoms with less frequency and intensity.

Oriental medicine is also a component of a comprehensive MS treatment plan for some patients. As is the case with the acupuncture, the Oriental herbs recommended for each patient depend on his or her unique set of issues.

Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms That Acupuncture Can Help

There are many troubling symptoms that lead Multiple Sclerosis patients to seek the services of an acupuncture practitioner. These symptoms are far ranging and can greatly diminish a patient’s quality of life.

Migraine Headaches

Debilitating headaches are a common complaint among MS sufferers. A study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows evidence that acupuncture provides lasting relief against migraine headaches in randomized trials.

Cognitive Difficulties

One of the most life-altering symptoms of MS is diminished cognitive functioning in the form of difficulty concentrating, memory difficulties, or slowed information processing. Acupuncture is able to address this frustrating issue that Western medicine is often unable to help.

Numbness and Tingling

It is common for MS sufferers to report numbness and tingling in various areas of their bodies. This is another area where patients often report relief with acupuncture treatments.


MS patients frequently find that they lack sufficient energy to make it through their day. Western and Chinese studies have demonstrated acupuncture’s effectiveness in tackling fatigue.

Although acupuncture is not a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, it has helped many patients achieve significant relief from their symptoms. Schedule a consultation with a licensed acupuncturist to discuss a treatment approach that is tailored to you.