About Needle Free Shiatsu-AmmaMany people are aware that acupuncture or chiropractic treatments are two of the more effective treatments for many types of pain and illness. These treatments are also very effective for stress relief and healing after injury. A fear of needles can keep many from seeking these treatments. Luckily there is a needle free alternative. Shiatsu-Amma is a type of traditional healing that works without needles.

The History of Shiatsu-Amma

Amma is perhaps the oldest form of Asian manipulation healing techniques. The word itself means ‘massage’ in Japanese. This is not a restful type of massage, but a complete medical treatment after a healer has diagnosed an illness.

This technique uses the whole body of the healer to help the patient. A masseuse may use their fingers and thumbs, elbows and forearms and even knees to work the tissues of their patient.

Shiatsu is an more modern development of this ancient technique. The word means ‘finger massage’ in Japanese; it uses only the hands, fingers and thumbs to work the body. It combines the ancient Chinese practices with a more modern Western understanding of physiology and anatomy.

The two techniques complement each other quite nicely. The shiatsu method is able to pinpoint and work smaller areas intensely. Ammu techniques are powerful and able to work deep into tissue and along the bones.

Traditional Beliefs About Energy Work

Traditional Chinese healing is focused on the flow of Qi, or energy thorough the body. It is believed that this energy flows along the ‘Organ Meridian’ system. This is often thought to be a series of invisible energy lines throughout the body. Some traditional practitioners see the blood and circulatory system as a material version of the Qi and invisible meridians.

It is believed that a blockage of Qi in the body can produce illness, pain or even emotional upset. A trained masseuse can release these blocks. When this is done, it is believed that the person will heal.

How It Works

Neither patient nor masseuse need believe in the energy theories of traditional Chinese medicine. Instead consider that this is a system of techniques that has been tested and refined for over two thousand years. This ancient system works hand in hand with modern medicine to help the whole body heal. Modern research has shown that the traditional ‘energy meridians’ have an average of 85% more electro-magnetic resistance. This points to a possible connection with the nervous system of the body.

There are 364 traditional acupoints. There are also several thousand lesser points on the body. Some 50 of those are used in treatment regularly. Bodies also have so-called Ashi points. These are places on the body in which blockages are common. Traditional acupuncture uses needles to access these points. Shiatsu-Ammu uses pressure and manipulation to achieve the same results.

What Can it Treat?

This treatment is used to help with many disorders. It is a viable alternative to acupuncture for many of the same disorders and illnesses. Many people find it very effective for musculoskelatel issues, menstrual disorders and digestion. It is traditionally used to help with depression and other mental illnesses.

What To Expect in a Session?

Plan to arrive at our NYC Chiropractor’s office neither full nor hungry. Try to have a small snack one hour before your session. Wear loose fitting natural fiber clothing. Our treatments take place in a comfortable environment.

Shiatsu-Ammu is a great treatment for many people. If you think it may benefit you, our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have.