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Don’t Fear the Needle, our NYC Acupuncturists will make your experience a great one.

Those with a limited understanding of the context and clinical application of acupuncture often associate the treatment with only one word: needles. Many let their fear of needles preclude them from taking advantage of this amazing and dynamic therapy. The reality is that whatever mild, if any, discomfort patients may experience during acupuncture treatment will be far outweighed by its lasting healing benefits. It’s important to remember that the type of needles used in acupuncture may be different than what we imagine. They are thinner and less invasive than the average medical injection. Many describe the feeling as little more than a pinprick.

It is also important to remember that an experienced and qualified acupuncture practitioner can drastically mitigate any needle-related impact patients experience. Not all practitioners offer the same level of expertise and delicacy of application. In order to give themselves peace of mind and allow themselves access to the various benefits of acupuncture, they should feel free to inquire about their facilities experience, application methods, and what types of acupuncture they actually offer, as some types utilize more needles than others. Don’t deprive yourself of a potentially viable therapeutic resource because of your fear of needles—your pain-relief is too important.

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Physical Medicine Acupuncture offers experienced and results-oriented NYC acupuncture. Call us today at (917) 405-9145 to make an appointment or stop by our convenient location at 201 W 74th St #16G, New York, NY 10023. Dr. Philip Trigiani and the rest of our staff are waiting to help you relieve your pain.

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