Dr Philip Trigiani

Dr Philip Trigiani

"What I promise are new levels of consciousness to be proffered, which WILL create new depths of ALL healing necessary. I have never NOT witnessed anyone having a dramatic effect as THE result of this experience!"

Dr Philip Trigiani, or Dr Phil as we know him, is the master orthopedic acupuncturist behind Physical Medicine Acupuncture™, the pain management and soft tissue expert who serves busy New Yorkers  whether resident, visitor or professional from his warm & inviting practices in the Upper West Side, aided by his caring and expert team. His alternative and complementary system of body-mind integration offers relief, self-discovery , self-correction, and self-healing that works every time. Dr Phil is constantly innovating in serving the health & wellness needs of the community, his team of expert massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors now being augmented with his new trusted partner network which extends his health and wellness therapies into yoga, fitness training, nutrition counseling and more.

Dr. Philip Trigiani maintains a Doctor of Acupuncture,R.I; a New York State License; is Board Certified; and holds a Clinical Masters Degree from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine specializing in orthopedic disorders, joint disease, and spinal cord injuries. He’s a graduate of the New York College of Health Professions for Physical Rehabilitation and Pain Management, and has been in patient practice since 1992.


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    Freddy Alva

    Qi Gong is my passion and I’m excited to bring it to as many busy New Yorkers of all ages as possible! I consider myself the premier specialist of Qi Gong; which is a series of gentle, therapeutic exercises that offer many benefits to overall health & wellness. Fatigue, Orthopedics, Stress, Fertility & more!

    Born and raised in Russia, I learned English as a result of my passion for reggae, which led me to come to the US in 2005. I love art and my work allows me to express my talents creatively and help people at the same time. I consider myself a subject matter expert in Weight Loss, Fertility, Digestive Issues, Pediatrics & more!

    Ask me about cupping! Premier specialist in Cupping! I am on a life journey to master my craft of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I believe in working with every patient as an individual to create a treatment plan to achieve maximum health benefits and dramatically reduced stress. Cupping, Orthopedics, Sports injury prevention & More!


    "I am You" I am no different from my patients, who feel comfortable and relaxed knowing I know exactly where they are coming from when express their concerns. I am compassionate and celebrated by my patients, and I trust my intuition to meet them where they are when they come in. I specialize in the most efficient and expert strategies in Neck & back pain, Women, Mental health & more!

    I am passionate about acupuncture and the healing it brings to the physical, emotional, and spiritual in each of us. My expertise is best in Orthopedics, Digestive disorders & more!

    I have helped thousands of patients gain AND maintain their best health. We experience life through our nervous system. I love to work with those who want to optimize their health, be all they can be, and perform at their best in a natural, drug-free way.

    Unisha is Dr. Phil’s Personal Assistant & Office Manager for the Manhattan location.


    We offer health & wellness service that help with virtually every condition or concern that busy New Yorkers suffer. We offer multiple therapies and services delivered by the best practitioners in each field:

    • Acupuncture

    • Massage Therapy

    • Chiropractice

    • Nutrition Counseling

    • Fitness

    • Yoga Therapy


    We offer health & wellness service that help with virtually every condition or concern that busy New Yorkers suffer. We offer multiple therapies and services delivered by the best practitioners in each field:

    • Pediatric

    • Fertility

    • Post-partum

    • Senior Treatment