Freddy Alva
Fatigue, Orthopedics, Stress, Fertility & more

Freddy Alva

Freddy Alva

L.Ac., LMT, Qi Gong Instructor
14 Years In Practice

I Help With

Chronic /acute, chronic fatigue, muscular injuries, stress reduction, gastrointestinal issues, fertility treatments, weight loss/stop smoking protocols, seasonal allergies


Acupuncture, massage therapy. Western modalities such as craniosacral therapy & orthopedic alignment, and qi gong, Chinese herbs.


English & Spanish


Qi Gong is my passion and I’m excited to bring it to as many busy New Yorkers of all ages as possible! I consider myself the premier specialistof Qi Gong; which is a series of gentle, therapeutic exercises that offer many benefits to overall health & wellness

  • Movement exercises designed to improve  circulation, balance, coordination & stretch ligaments/muscles of the body
  • Breathing techniques that use utilize the complete diaphragmatic range of deeper, embryonic breath
  • Meditation using creative visualization patterns meant to fully align your mental & physical spheres
  • Self-massage techniques to help maintain overall blood flow to affected areas of tension & used as a daily self-maintenance tool

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