Rez (Sara Reznikoff)
Orthopedics, Digestive disorders & more


Rez (Sara Reznikoff)


6+ Years in practice as a licensed and seasoned NYC-based acupuncturist with 6+ years’ experience ranging from high-volume community acupuncture environments to a high-touch private practice, I possess both the skills, passion to support patients’ healing process.



I Help With

Pain Management, Sports medicine, fertility, and Psycho- Emotional disorders, anxiety, stress and depression, carpal tunnel/wrist pain, plantar fasciitis/ heel & foot pain, Bell’s Palsy; neck and back pain, digestive disorders


TuiNa, guasha, TCM, Trigger Point/Acupuncture Physical Medicine, Japanese Kiko Matsumoto style, cupping, moxabustion, nutrition, herbal medicine


Extensive experience with patients new to acupuncture. In private practice, an integrative practice, and community practice, I have learned to communicate effectively about acupuncture and healing with patients. There’s nothing I love more than introducing a new patient to the healing powers of acupuncture, and I pride myself in my ability to make every patient feel comfortable and cared for

A Little About Me

I am passionate about acupuncture and the healing it brings to the physical, emotional, and spiritual in each of us. My expertise is best in Orthopedics, Digestive disorders & more!

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