Yolanda Vasquez
Neck & back pain, Women, Mental health & more


Yolanda Vasquez

13 Years In Practice

I Help With

Neck & Back Pain. I am a master at releasing muscular pain related to stress, posture, repetitive injury and trauma. Together we create a flow between what they feel and how they breathe thru pain. Regulating the breath creates the Smooth Flow of Energy, hence freeing the mind, body, and soul.

Women’s Empowerment. I create a safe environment where women feel supported to be vulnerable, which allows them to grow and create new life perspectives with less obsessive thoughts & anxiety.

Mental Health. My specialty is to be the vessel that maintains & sustains balance and tranquility as a Renewed quality of life! Allowing you to live with grace and ease in this NYC high stressed life!


English & Spanish


Acupuncture, body work, aromatherapy, trigger point therapy.


  1. Certified addiction specialist
  2. Personalized essential oil therapy- custom blends for each individual constitution, this work enhances the treatments & empowers the patient to embrace their own healing capabilities.

A Little About Me

“I am You” I am no different from my patients, who feel comfortable and relaxed knowing I know exactly where they are coming from when express their concerns. I am compassionate with my patients, and I trust my intuition to meet them where they are when they come in. I make them feel safe, they trust me, which is already beginning the healing process.

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